Nothing is quite as satisfying as making something beautiful with your own hands. Whether it’s music, performance, art or even furniture, there is nothing like the pride in a finished product.

Jon Brammeier has been making art in various forms for most of his life. As a boy, he loved to draw and make paper airplanes. In his teens, it was music and leather craft.

Some time in 2000, Jon decided to start using wood as a medium. In 2013, he graduated from a two-year woodworking mastery program with Gary Rogowski at Northwest Woodworking Studio in Portland, OR. Then, in 2014, he retired from his day job writing computer software.

Over the past seventeen years, Jon has made hundreds of objects made of wood – furniture, cabinets, tables, chairs, boxes, picture frames and even toys. The styles of these objects varies as much as the types of wood used. Look through the gallery to get a feel for the variety, and the quality of the workmanship.

If you need a custom piece of furniture or a furniture repair, please contact Jon Brammeier in Keizer, OR.